Fintech stories: a55, rethinking revenue-based financing w/ Credix

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3 min readMay 18, 2022


As a decentralized debt capital markets' ecosystem, Credix allows loan originators in emerging markets to access global investments, making enablement, opportunity and mutual gains, global.

By offering private debt financing using the USD stable coin, the Credix marketplace is proving that alternative investing/lending isn’t just a gimmick. By leading the way and offering not only access to global markets but investors the ability to invest in Latin America (something Credix is deeply passionate about), we’re able to announce real-world asset financing that lives up to expectation: exclusive access to the highest quality cashflow generating, secured assets. It’s the reason why so many institutional investors are embracing decentralized debt capital markets.

So we thought you’d like to hear from them…

We recently caught up with Hugo Mathecowitsch, CEO of a55, one of our loan originators, to talk about how the platform has enabled them to access the capital they needed to grow their business.

Hugo Mathecowitsch, CEO of a55

Who are a55, and how would you describe your business?

“a55 is the leading revenue-based financing platform in Latin America. We operate in Brazil and Mexico through an open-finance platform that connects banking, payments, online performance data, and other tools for our growing customer base with more than R$300 million of loans provided to more than 500 companies.”

How would you describe your collaboration with Credix?

Credix creates credit pools for large investors to access high-yield investments in LatAm with a safe and compliant structure and allows for fintechs to get easy and rapid access to (international) debt. a55 finances the revenue of the real-world, new economy entrepreneurs allowing sustainable growth.

Our strong partnership resulted in different multi-million deals over the last months, and enabled many entrepreneurs got access to the right capital to grow their companies and create a real impact in their communities.”

How do you compare DeFi (Decentralized Finance) funding with CeFi (Centralized Finance) funding?

“CeFi funding, especially in Latin America, needs several players to give the investors less asymmetric information due to the lack of transparency, which comes with lots of costs, bureaucracy and wasted time. Additionally, each country in LatAm has its CeFi structures, creating a complex dynamic for any global investor interested in the region.

When we look at the DeFi landscape, the blockchain can solve the asymmetric information problem better than the local players while creating a pattern structure for any global investor in any country. Credix can abstract the local complexity for the investors, enabling them to invest in similar risk-ajusted deals across multiple sectors and countries.”

What was your biggest pain that Credix was able to solve?

“Access to global investors who would have a hard time investing in Brazil or Mexico through CeFi structures. Through using real-world DeFi, Credix have helped us to overcome this challenge.

It is exciting to use new capital markets, leveraging decentralized finance and blockchain technology, to help local, fast-growing companies. We’ve been impressed by Credix’s vision and delivery capacity and its platform, really rethinking global capital markets.”

What Credix feature are you most excited about?

“It’s a smooth experience to work with Credix, so first and foremost a continuation of this working relationship excites us greatly.

For example, accessing liquidity pools in different countries would sound impossible a few years ago if anyone offered that. However, with Credix, we can execute deals in a few weeks; it’s essentially DeFi 2.0.”

Are you a credit fintech looking for access to international debt to grow your credit operations? Head over to and let’s get you on Credix!

About a55

a55 is a FinTech lending to online SMEs in Brazil and Mexico with predictable revenue through a technology platform connecting bank accounts, billing, payment means, digital marketing, credit intelligence, and revenue insights. a55 counts today +140 professionals, mostly in the areas of credit underwriting, software development, and data science. a55 counts 16,5k+ customers on its platform, financed with BRL 297M and c. MXN 174M in Brazil and Mexico respectively, through 1,746 operations to 703 borrowers since it started to operate, with late payments below 6%. Learn more



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