Fintech stories: Tecredi, auto financing through DeFi w/ Credix

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3 min readJul 8, 2022


At Credix, we’re always looking for partners looking to scale with Credix. A great example has been Tecredi, a credit fintech out of the South East of Brazil. Tecredi is specialized in auto loans and was able to grow its origination volume impressively month-over-month (whilst guaranteeing the same underwriting quality) thanks to the access to international and institutional capital through Credix.

We thought it would be great for you to learn more about Tecredi, so we invited Gustavo Pulga, co-CEO of Tecredi, to share some of his insights about their business and how they think about DeFi in this latest series of our Fintech stories.

Who are Tecredi, and how would you describe your business?

“Tecredi is a Brazilian credit fintech out of Rio Grande do Sul that provides auto financing in a fast, secure and digital way through our network of partners. This includes over two hundred local car vendors and national insurance companies. By financing only part of the vehicles (through our partners), we can guarantee the use of proceeds and over-collateralize our loans. Additionally, we’ve built out a robust network of resellers in case of any default, which results in substantially lower figures than the market average. Over the last years we’ve doubled down on data and technology, allowing for a seamless experience when using our application.”

Gelson Nardino, co-CEO (left), Gustavo Pulga, co-CEO (right)

How would you describe your collaboration with Credix?

“We have a very strong partnership with the team of Credix and have been collaborating since early 2022. In the meantime, we’ve already launched four deals on the Credix platform. Whilst they support us to optimizing our monitoring practices, we’ve been able to contribute to local market understanding. The Credix platform was able to remove a big part of the bureaucracy involved with raising debt here in Brazil thanks to its very agile solution, providing us access to a credit pool with competitive rates and good user experience.”

How do you compare DeFi (Decentralized Finance) funding with CeFi (Centralized Finance) funding?

“Despite the technological advances that have caused major social transformations in various sectors over the last few decades, the logic and functioning in the financial world, especially credit-related issues, has changed little.”

“The construction of a new financial structure, based on decentralization, agility and customization of large-scale operations, we today believe can only be achieved globally through DeFi solutions.”

What was your biggest pain that Credix was able to solve?

“Credix was able to provide us the financial solutions at appropriate rates and speed so that we could continue to serve our end-clients in the best possible manner. The process is inclusive and respects Tecredi’s momentum in a way that allows ours sustainable growth, something that is not common to find in the traditional industry.”

What Credix feature are you most excited about?

“By aggregating technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, crypto-assets and a form of crowdfunding, Credix offers a disruptive and highly valuable business model for companies like Tecredi, which have great growth capacity and a large market to be served. Whilst not exactly a feature, the ease of using Credix is what excites us the most!”

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