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Credora (formerly X-Margin) Raises $8 Million Series A to Grow Institutional Credit Platform

  • Credora Credit facilitated more than $220 million of loans to institutions trading digital assets since launching earlier this year
  • Credora Credit currently monitors $2 billion of trading portfolio assets on behalf of Lenders
  • Investors back Credora’s technology, which brings improved visibility and control to credit extended via traditional lending and DeFi applications

September 13, 2021 (San Francisco) — Credora, a pioneer in applying privacy-preserving technology to credit and financial market risk, has raised $8 million in a Series A funding round where Coinbase Ventures, HashKey Capital and Spartan Group were major investors. Bixin Ventures, Miranda Ventures (Bybit), Gemini Frontier Fund, Primitive Ventures and Kenetic Capital also participated in the funding round.

Existing investors that followed-on include Alameda Research Ventures, CMT Digital, CoinShares, DCG, GSR, and Polychain.

Additionally, Credora received backing by some of the most active trading institutions and users of Credora Credit. They included CMS Holdings, Wintermute, MGNR, Dunamis Trading, Pirata Capital, and Kronos Research.

Established in 2019, Credora has to date facilitated more than $220 million of credit extended to institutions trading digital assets through direct lending and decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platforms. Credora’s risk engine currently monitors $2 billion of trading portfolio assets.

Credora connects institutional lenders and borrowers, and addresses a key issue holding back the growth of credit in the crypto space. Currently, lenders have little visibility over a borrower’s trading risk and often no control over the assets purchased with the credit extended.

Darshan Vaidya, Founder and CEO of Credora, said

“We’re thrilled that such high caliber investors share our vision for transforming credit for institutions trading digital assets. We believe a provably neutral risk engine can scale automated credit extension, giving any lending pool of capital visibility and control over the credit extended.”

Credora enables lenders of all sizes — including the largest in digital assets, family offices, trading venues and DeFi protocols — to operate a scalable, data-driven lending business. On Credora Credit, lenders can connect to creditworthy borrowers, monitor real-time risk and trigger margin calls if the value of a borrower’s net trading position falls outside the agreed parameters. Borrowers can establish their creditworthiness without revealing sensitive portfolio information through Credora’s privacy preserving technology and cryptographic proofs.

Credora’s credit scoring spans a borrower’s exchange, custody and DeFi portfolios. It computes risk without seeing the underlying trading data, so is provably unbiased in evaluating an institutional trading firm’s risk.

With Credora as a verifiably neutral arbitrator, lending firms can rely on automated control over funds when risk thresholds are breached. Credora Credit addresses trading firms’ need for a more competitive marketplace for capital.

Darshan Vaidya concluded:

“Facilitating credit in crypto can generate substantially more liquidity and volumes in both CeFi and DeFi trading, and we believe Credora’s technology can be a big part of that, making credit risk more transparent and manageable. We will continue building out a platform where any pool of capital can access borrowers and easily operate a risk-managed lending operation.”

Notes to Editors:

Credora has developed a privacy-preserving risk engine for institutions to access trading leverage and for margin lenders to monitor portfolio risk in real time. The encrypted credit scoring and risk monitoring generated by Credora’s infrastructure eliminate the traditional middleman so exchanges and margin lenders can manage risk themselves in real time without seeing the borrower’s commercially sensitive information. Credora is backed by leading digital asset investors and the industry’s most active trading institutions. For more information on Credora and its technologies, please visit

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The Private Credit Oracle. Credora is an end-to-end lending solution facilitating credit by validating real-time risk metrics in a zero-knowledge environment.

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The Private Credit Oracle. Credora is an end-to-end lending solution facilitating credit by validating real-time risk metrics in a zero-knowledge environment.