7 types of bikers found in India

[fusion_text]Bikers are the special clan in our country who are seldom known to be normal. They are extraordinary, in their own right, navigating through the struggles of life on their beloved two-wheeler. Bikes have been associated with the male clan since times while women today no longer acknowledge themselves as pillion riders. We list down ten types of biker that you will find in India.

The Stuntman

Well, the name itself explains the category. The people who love to defy every law of physics and attract on lookers with their death defying stunts. They are the type that usually don’t give a damn about the safety gears while exhibiting their mad skills on the bike.


The Flirtatious

The people who have a bike only to facilitate dates and long drives with their girlfriends. Precisely, only this is the apt description! Their aim is to find someone to occupy the pillion seat and go on a ‘date’.

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The Wannabe Biker

The guy who will only get equipments and stuff but will hardly ride the bike. The urge to buy a bike is very external, often because all friends have a bike and he is wondering how to feel a part of the group. Their bikes are more in the garage and less on the roads.

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The Mechanic

Such a biker always wishes to repair his bikes and also offer help to his friends when they face a breakdown. These are often the sought after people and often end up being a mechanic for free.


The Adventure Lover

This type of biker often ridicules the daily commuter who cuts through heavy traffic and faces a lot more hassles. Such a biker takes pride in the scenic locales that they encounter during their trips and loves to get-set-go for an adventure on the bike!

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The Commuters

For them, the bike is only a way to navigate, reach office and get back home. Words like traffic, license, speed limit, and helmet are all that they face on their bike.


The Biker for Life

This category believes in taking their life along on their bike, and we are not referring to their spouse! They not only stay on the bike all the time, but can survive by moving their entire home on the two wheels. They have food, water, cooking materials, tents, and all possible things that they can utilize to set up a home on wheels! Sometimes a gypsy, sometimes just a habit!


The Sports Bikers

The speed loving bikers who swears by all the sporting heroics in the world of moto racing. They love to flaunt their sporty gear, racing away in competitive arenas or the roads well past midnight. For such bikers, speed below 100 is a crime and scaring the hell out of fear is a routine.


So the bikers in our country are a highly varied lot and love to be the way they are. That’s what makes their biking experiences something to cherish for a lifetime![/fusion_text]

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