CredR brings some Fun at Work!

Is this office really a place worth spending my 9 to 5s? How happy am I going to be in this environment where I spend half my day or does it even have to matter where I work?; these are the constant thoughts which wander our minds before we choose to work for a particular organization. And YES! It has to!


People working in any organization need to have something that drives them. What really drives a person to stay motivated than his role is how he is constantly kept engaged at his work. Things have changed & moved on at quite a pace.


What has not changed however is some work fun in a friendly environment where an individual gets to really let off some steam. Something that is extremely crucial in the work life that we all live today, after all ‘All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy’!

That’s exactly what CredR promises, and lately, they’ve got something up


their sleeves for all of their employees too, also known as — ‘CredRians.’ One of HR personnel quoted, “CredR is a place which has young blood flowing in with a lot of energy. What best than having a Carrom and Foosball competition organized.”


Happiness, healthy chaos, excitement and enthusiasm; the Human Resource team made this possible for all the CredRians. It was a delight to see such an enthralling response from each team member of the CredR family. Moreover, keeping the spirit high, even co-founders took some time off and gave a hand in the participation.

Co-Founder Nittin Mittal says, “We want our people to be happily engaged with us, carrom has been one of our favourite games from our childhood and we’ve always loved playing it as children. So we thought of bringing it back to relive those days.”

We witnessed several teams participating in the

Foosball &
Carrom competition. The Foosball competition came to a nail-biting finish with Mr. Adnan, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Jitendra winning the dramatic finale whileMr. Ajay and Mr. Sufiyan took away the winning title in the Carrom competition.

CredR has set the ‘employee engagement’ ball rolling and hope to keep it rolling as long as it takes!

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