Gixxer SF — 5 Reasons why it’s BEST in its class!

A year ago Suzuki came out with their 155cc fully faired Gixxer SF and in less than a year, Suzuki is up with their significant upgrade on the SF. 2016 Gixxer SF is equipped with a rear disc as it was showcased in the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo.
The new Suzuki Gixxer SF is undoubtedly the best in its segment & these reasons will tell you why:

Being designed in the same wind tunnel where Suzuki designs their Moto GP bikes, give the SF an upper hand on the aerodynamics in its segment.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

Being priced at Rs.86,000/- (ex-showroom Delhi), makes Gixxer SF a cost efficient and an affordable commuter bike with a lot to offer to its customers.

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Parts being easily available in the market at a cheaper cost, Gixxer SF is a very low maintenance bike which demands very less pampering.

Gixxer SF is loaded with equipment to respond to the rider as per his inputs. Mono-Shock Suspension, Bybre brake units in the front as well as rear and grippy MRF REVS-M tires with a wide grip all work in Gixxer SF’s favors to make it a better handling machine.

The only fully faired motorcycle offered for the price of below lakh rupee with a wide variety of color schemes which includes the very sporty and catchy MOTO GP color scheme. Also the style characteristics are shared with its elder siblings GSXR 1000 and GSXR 1300.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

Gixxer SF has a 155cc motor giving out 14.5 BHP and 14nm torque is ideal power output tuned for less fuel consumption. Being carbureted, it has a very responsive throttle and a healthy mid-range and also helps to keep the maintenance cost low.

The mid of 2016 SF went through an upgrade and by the end of the year we hope to see another fuel injection upgrade as well.

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