Sharvari Manakawad

“I was a part of the Biker group called Bikerni. We were just five of us but I couldn’t stick around for long. You know how it gets when you put five women in a room *laughs*. I have always been a bike enthusiast right since my childhood. Starting off as a commuter rider, I’ve come up from bikes like the Passion and Gladiator to the Ducati Scrambler that I ride currently ride.

“It is always one hell of an experience whenever it’s with my bike and I’d never
let anything take its place!”

Sharvari LOVES travelling and if she had to choose one thing in her life, she’d love to be a Nomad. She wants to travel the world and hopefully only on her bike. Although her Scrambler is just about 4 months old, she has her eyes set on the Honda Africa Twin for the next upgrade.


A member of the Ducati Owners Club group, Sharvari loves how Biking is getting recognized as a serious passion in our country. When her group plans a ride, they don’t issue advices on wearing safety gears because they think, spirited and serious riders already know that it’s a basic fundamental to ‘Always be geared up for a Ride’. In her words “If you have to be told to wear gears, you don’t deserve to Ride.”

Now that’s something every rider should stand by!

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