Natural Beauty in Crete, Greece

The island of Crete is not only known for its rich history, cosmopolitan flare and bustling and lively nightlife. These features obviously contribute in establishing the island as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world! However, the island’s natural beauty, scenic landscapes and preserved natural parks are also equally fascinating and must be mentioned! The island is packed with natural beauty, it is the place to enjoy strolls through nature, watch the amazing sunsets and become one with the island and its breathtaking landscape.

Ha Gorge can be found near Vassiliki Village on the western slope of Thrypti Mountain. The gorge’s name ‘Ha’ originates from the Cretan dialect, and is short for hasko, which means to separate or gape. It is considered one of the rarest and wildest gorges in Greece which was probably created as a result of tectonic activity. The gorge is extremely narrow, especially at its entrance and in general, its width is no more than three metres. The vertical stone walls are 300 metres high and its length is about one kilometre. Both in the interior and exterior of the gorge you will encounter numerous ponds and waterfalls, which are worth the visit! The highest waterfall in Crete can be found in Ha and is approximately 215 kilometres high! The gorge is also considered as a vital wildlife habitat, since the ponds and waterfalls are fundamental to migratory and endemic birds, mammals, reptiles and insects survival!

Biotopes Nature Park

Biotopes Nature Park is indeed a remarkable ecosystem where rich and wild vegetation exists and flourishes. Here you will have the chance to encounter the edible plants named ‘chorta,’ which in Greek stand for grass, meaning greenery. Visitors discover herbs that encompass therapeutic attributes, herbal teas, decorative flowers and aromatic plants that originate from Crete and are considered as rare species. The park also houses a variety of animals from insects like ants, worms to reptiles like lizards, scorpions, snakes, butterflies and mammals like hedgehogs which all dwell around the artificial lake the park constructed.
The Nature Park is proud to have created a beautiful biotope where animals can enjoy their natural habitation. In the park you will encounter signs which inform the public about over 200 species of plants and 50 species of animals. This is the place to also purchase natural herbs to use in your cooking or teas! Beautiful!

Where to stay

The magnificent 4 star Louis Creta Princess Hotel in Chania, Crete is the first all-inclusive hotel on the island. Located on the shore of Maleme Bay in Chania, the hotel caters to your needs and surpasses your every expectation. The premises of the hotel are considered as a small heaven for adults and children alike, offering 65 square kilometres of swimming pools and beautiful gardens to delight in! Louis Creta Princess Hotel’s spacious and recently renovated rooms offer utmost comfort and the hotel’s staff strives to make your holidays memorable by serving to your every need. Needless to say, the hotel offers its guests an ample amount of restaurants to choose from. Try out the Samaria restaurant that offers cooking shows! You can also try out the hotel’s in house Italian restaurant and Chinese kiosk! Delicious! Also do not forget to sip on a scrumptious cocktail by the hotel’s pool bar while gazing and the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea during sunset! It is amazing!