New Crew Features: Shift Covers and Time-Off Requests

Crew has just released a set of new features which will make managing Shift Covers and Time-Off Requests way more simple. In the past, swapping shifts and requesting time off was done simply by sending group messages to everyone. With the new Shift Covers and Time-Off Requests system, you’ll be able to actually accept and approve shifts within the app.

Getting Shifts Covered

Anybody can post an available shift to Crew. Whether you need someone to cover your shift or you’re a manager who wants to add an additional shift, the process is basically the same: From the schedule tab, you’ll notice a new “+” button. Tapping that reveals the option to “Post an open shift”. The form to do so is relatively straight forward — specify the start and end of the the available shift and then post.

The process for posting a cover

After posting an open shift, it is published to the “Everyone” group, as well as shows up on the “Available Shifts” section within the “Schedule” tab. All employees can browse the available shifts in either location.

The process for browsing available shifts and requesting to cover one.

If you see a shift you’d like to cover for someone, just tap “Request Shift”. Your organization settings will dictate what happens next. Your organization will be set up in one of two ways:

Shift Covers Require Admin Approval — this is the default option for most organizations. In this scenario, an organization admin will have to approve the shift cover. While waiting for approval, it’s also possible that multiple employees will request the same shift. It’s up to the admin to decide whether or not to approve any of the requests to cover a shift. Whether an admin approves or disapproves of a shift, you’ll get a push notification either way letting you know.

Admins: When you have a shift to approve, you’ll see a little number on the crown in the top-right corner. Tap that, review the requests and Approve or Disapprove each request.

No Admin Approval Required — some organizations, the admin has turned off the requirement for admin approval of covers. If your in one of these organizations, requesting a shift will mean you’ll be given it immediately. It’s now up to you to show up and fill the shift.

Time-Off Requests

Time-Off Requests work much the same way. Select “Request Time Off”, choose your dates and then your request will be forward to a manager. You’ll be notified whatever you manager decides and then you’ll have a record of all of your time-off requests right within Crew.

Settings for Administrators

Both of these new features are completely optional. If you’d like, you can disable one or both of them from the settings menu. You also have the option of deciding whether or not admins need to approve covered shifts or not.

Please let us know if you have any questions about how these new features work. Thanks for using Crew!