CRI-0 1.10 beta 1 released

We are happy to announce the 1.10 beta 1 release of CRI-O. This is the first version of CRI-O supporting kubernetes 1.10. It has support for the features added to the kubernetes CRI (Container Runtime Interface) in 1.10.

Notable features that were added are:

  1. Per pod pid namespace setting: This supports the feature in CRI where one can optionally enable pid namespace sharing for all the containers in a pod. This feature is gated by a kubelet flag.
  2. Container log reopen support: This CRI API allows kubelet to copy the container logs and then request CRI-O to reopen the log files so kubelet can manage the rotation and preservation of container logs.
  3. CRI stats API: We added support for the stats API in CRI. CRI-O still uses cadvisor by default but we encourage users to test this out.

Besides these, we added more tests and bugs and stability fixes.

CRI-O community has been growing healthily and we are now at 75 contributors and many users.

Please try out the new release and let us know of any issues.