cri-o integration with the Atomic CLI

Listing images and containers across multiple storage backends and container run-times

I’m a developer on the Red Hat containers team and I have containers everywhere. They are in multiple storage backends (docker, ostree, and now containers-image) and I have containers running from those images in multiple container-runtimes (docker and runc). Each of these more or less have their own set of management and use commands. Herein comes the usefulness of the Atomic CLI tooling.

The Atomic CLI was designed for “ installing/running/managing container images”. Recently we have been adding the ability to perform tasks across storage backends and container runtimes; and the integration with crio, more specifically kpod, has now started as well. I no longer have to remember the individual commands for container runtimes and their associated storage backends.

Suppose you want to list all the images in your storage backends. The Atomic CLI can list all the images in active storage backends. Here you can see images from docker, ostree, and containers-storage. Images that are being currently used by containers are preceeded by a “>”.

List images from all of your storage backends

You can also list all your containers in the various runtimes. For the sake of completeness, I’ll show all containers despite their state.

List containers from all of your runtimes

Work on crio/kpod and the Atomic CLI integration is on going. As you can see, I was passing a DEV=true environment variable to the atomic command. This enables the crio/kpod parts of atomic while we work to feature complete. As of the time of this writing, no packages have been created that includes this code, so you will have to use the upstream code if you want to test it.

Pulling images to and deleting images from containers-storage is next on my to-do list. Look for follow up posts from me as the work trickles upstream.

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