kpod save and load

The kpod save command extracts an image from the image store, containers-storage, and saves it as a Docker archive tarball on the local machine.

This allows users to save a version of their image as backup, while they continue to update it. The default for save is STDOUT, but it can be redirected freely using the “output” flag, “>”or “|”.

Unfortunately, users are not allowed to save to the terminal :^). Kpod save is derived from kpod push, created specifically for pushing images to Docker archive.

The kpod load command is the counterpart of kpod save.

The command reads a Docker archive tarball and stores it in the local image store. This command gives the user more flexibility as they can retrieve an old, working version of the image. The default input for load is STDIN, but the input can be redirected by using the “input” flag, “<” or “|”. Kpod load is derived from kpod pull, created specifically for pulling images from Docker archive.

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