Podman API docs now available

Recently I merged a pull request into libpod that includes a Golang generator to dynamically document the Podman varlink API. This is a first step to firming up what the API should look like; however, neither the API, documentation, or format should be considered frozen or firm.

The documentation describes the methods, types, and the errors for the API. We have a few examples sprinkled into the documentation. I would love to hear feedback from potential consumers of this information. Do you want more examples? What else would you need to use Podman’s API?

Speaking of which, Jhon Honce is wrapping a up a sweet Python client that consumes this API and “sprinkles on some Python sugar.” We are hoping this simplifies and accelerates adoption of the API. I’ll be sure to let folks know when that merges and between the two of us, someone will surely write up a short how-to on it.

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