Employee Engagement with Cribber

By Mike Watson

Despite all the technological advancements on mine sites over the past few decades, the means for communicating to the frontline workforce hasn’t changed. The result is messy, antiquated and ineffective communication systems that are costly and time consuming. Poor communication adversely affects levels of employee engagement and mental wellbeing. This can contribute to low productivity and poor safety performance.

The Cribber worksite communication tool has been launched to alleviate many of these problems. By providing the workforce with a mobile app to receive information directly from site management, communication inefficiencies are removed. Bulletins are delivered directly to everyone on site or select groups. This avoids the common cascade of information, where notices are emailed from management to contractors, subcontractors, and vendors and then eventually updated on noticeboards. Avoiding this unnecessary effort greatly reduces time and cost. Going a step further and adopting a paperless philosophy will also yield a drastic cost saving and reduce a site’s environmental impact.

Through an easy to use web administration interface, Cribber allows mine sites to manage who receives their bulletins. By requesting someone’s mobile number as they are inducted on site, they can then be invited to that site’s feed of bulletins. Providing a simple way to manage subscribers allows sites to include everyone on site, not only regular employees, but also visitors, short-term workers and other stakeholders.

Promoting a mentally healthy workplace by communicating a commitment to mental health, defining roles and responsibilities, and providing effective rewards and recognition will benefit most mine sites. The Headsup alliance, through PWC, estimates a ROI of 2.3 for every dollar effectively spent on mental health initiatives. Furthermore, research by Gallup Inc highlights that within an organisation the 25% most engaged employees, when compared to the 25% least engaged employees, had 50% fewer accidents and had 41% less quality defects in their work. Increased mental wellbeing and employee engagement makes good business sense.

For some time, mental wellbeing and employee engagement has only been considered in office workplaces. By utilising Cribber, mine sites can show an investment in, and improve on, the health and wellbeing of their frontline workforce.