Newtown — Sydney’s undisputed hip capital

Newtown and Enmore, two suburbs in the inner west section of Sydney, have become fused into one unit. The two are the definition of bohemian, and you’ll find many diverse people living here.

If you love everything alternative, organic, unique, underground, or retro, you’re likely to find it here. Many people ride their bikes to art galleries, ninja music gigs, and theatre performances after grabbing lunch at a vegan place.

Homes in Newtown/Enmore tend to follow this style. Some apartments are converted warehouses, while single-family homes tend to be older and have a lot of character to them. People who live here do so for the atmosphere and the fact that there are hundreds of little cafes, boutiques, and other venues within walking or biking distance.

Another great thing the Newtown/Enmore neighborhood has going for it is price. It’s one of, if not the, most affordable place to live in Sydney. Homes sell for an average of $705,000. Renting one of those cute apartments, which 55% of residents do, will run you an average of $470 a week.

Average Apartment Price: $705,000| Average Apartment Rental: $470/wk| Singles: 75% Families: 25% | CRIBZ Stroll Score: ★★★★★| Foodie Fav: Bloodwood

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