The Rocks— Where Sydney’s heritage soul lives

The Rocks is one of the more tourist-centric parts of Sydney. It’s located to the north-west of the central business district and, in addition to its tourist destinations, it also an historic neighborhood. The area was once in shambles, but upkeep in the 1970s revitalized the area. Today, it’s partly gentrified, although there are still areas of poverty.

This is one of the smallest areas of Sydney as far as permanent residents go. However, the view of the Harbour Bridge and the different historic buildings bring in many tourists every day. Much of the commercial activity here is from souvenir shops and other stores aimed primarily at tourists. Guided walking tours of the historic section of The Rocks are also very popular.

While you might not realize it, homes in The Rocks are actually quite expensive. On average, they sell for $1.759 million. Renting, which 69% of residents do, is also expensive. It’s an average of $1,100 a week.

Average Apartment Price: $1,759,500| Average Apartment Rental: $1,100/wk | Singles: 64% Families: 36% | CRIBZ Stroll Score: ★★★★★

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