Woolloomooloo— Work hard and play even harder

Woolloomooloo has one of the most interesting names in the city. This suburb, which sits in the eastern part of the inner city, is a harbour-side neighborhood. The name comes from Woolloomooloo House, the first home in the area, although the spelling later changed. No one, though, is quite certain where the name originally came from since the house was built by a man named John Palmer.

Woolloomooloo has some excellent restaurants situated on the harbour, so you can have a great meal while watching the sunset. It’s also a place where many celebrities come to dine and enjoy themselves. Yachts line the docks here, and it’s fairly common to see famous people enjoying themselves.

Homes in Woolloomooloo are pricy, but they’re by no means the most expensive in the city. Houses usually sell for an average of $1.181 million. Most people, though, rent. Seventy-four percent of residents rent their homes. They pay an average of $695 a week to do so.

Average Apartment Price: $1,181,000| Average Apartment Rental: $695/wk | Singles: 78% Families: 22% | CRIBZ Stroll Score: ★★★★★| Foodie Fav: John Montagu

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