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Taking fantasy cricket to the next level.

Fantasy Cricket in India has seen tremendous growth lately, fueled by the surge in internet users, and national and international leagues happening all around the year.

The number of fantasy sports operators has increased by seven times (~7x) over 2016–2018, whereas the number of users has grown by over twenty-five times (~25x) from June 2016 to Feb 2019 (Source: KPMG)

However, even with the influx of fantasy operators, the fantasy format remains still the same with Daily Fantasy ruling the platform.

We @CricPlay wanted to give our users a free to play and, an experience led platform where they play the game not only for the monetary outcome but also for the fun and thrill of it.

Introducing Star Contest.

A contest within our daily fantasy platform where users can compete for head to head with an actual cricket celebrity. Users who can form a better team than the celebrity and beat them on the leaderboard will be rewarded with signed merchandise and cash/virtual currency as a prize.


Problem Statement

Engage existing users, motivate new users to join and add a new sink to the in-game economy.

Analyze the Problem

  1. New users and existing users approach the contest very differently, so it’s essential to map 2 different journeys for them.
  2. A separate landing page for Star Contest, using picture superiority effect to make it more memorable to the users as there is a gap between the announcement of a contest vs mapping that contest to a specific match.
  3. The joining fee for the contest acts as a graceful sink motivating the users to spend in-app currency.

User Journey

Landing Page

Idea → Wireframe → UI

Joining Fee

1. New User | 2. Existing User
  1. Newly acquired users are given a welcome bonus to join the first contest.
  2. Existing user can use their winnings or can watch videos ads to earn required coins.

Scaling Star Contest

As Star Contest was supposed to accommodate multiple celebrities during a season, it needed a system which was adaptable and quick ’n’ easy to develop. So we took image-based approach for it’s landing page and other in-app branding requirements.

Images slices adapted to multiple celebrities.
InApp Images for Native UI


Star Contest came out as a very successful contest among our daily contests.

It drove the highest retention and gameplay engagement than any other contest during the launch week.

One of the reason Star Contest came out as a winner is also the gratification it provided the users who could directly interact with a cricket celebrity.

Real User reviews

The road not taken

The initial intent of Star Content was to derive a higher level of engagement from already engaged users in the form of eligibility criteria by applying gating mechanics.

Once a user initiates her interest in a Star Contest, she’s shown a task list which once completed allowing her to enter the contest for free rather than paying a high joining fee.

Registration Success → Eligibility Criteria

But after testing it out with our internal peer groups, a brief UAT and a few technical challenges, it was dropped.

As it was also it was our first time trying out this kind of engagement led contest we tried to keep is as frictionless as possible.

Special Thanks

Nitin Bhatnagar for coauthoring the article and kicking ass with the UI.

Chirag Chopra for being an awesome proofreader 😃

Here’s a happy ball for you! :)

We at CricPlay strive to provide the best fantasy gameplay to our users; all feedback is welcome.

Try Star Contest now at Web | Android.


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India’s favourite fantasy cricket app.