The happy crab-dinner murderer 🦀

She clung to the ledge outside the window; he sliced at her fingers until she fell to her death.

They made blood pacts — pricking their fingers and writing their love for each other in blood. They had sex for the first time on March 17, 2006; Wang Zhijian remembered vividly. Afterward Zhang Meng, 41, informed him that she was married. She left her husband the following year, while Wang and his wife had split up 2004.

Wang and Zhang separated briefly twice during their courtship — once when she went to care for her ailing ex-husband and then again…

Worldwide criminal debauchery.

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Prof Plum

Prof Plum

SHOCKING TRUE CRIME./// (& some other stuff). ______Accolades from: Mom & her Mahjong group _______Top writer: in a group of one

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