Tired of his parents interrupting his Anime shows, he killed them 📺

#### “She saw me kill my father, so I killed her too,” he told police.

After shoving his dead elderly parents into an empty fridge and taping it shut, he took off on his bicycle. He travelled across Japan by train and stayed in hotels in Shizuoka and Yamaguchi for a week before going to Kyoto.

Junji Matsumoto, 59yo, had been living with his parents- Hirokazu & Makie- at their property in the trendy Nishi Ward in Fukuoka City, Japan. The elder Matsumotos, 87 & 88yo were living off of their…




Worldwide criminal debauchery.

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Prof Plum

Prof Plum

SHOCKING TRUE CRIME./// (& some other stuff). ______Accolades from: Mom & her Mahjong group _______Top writer: in a group of one

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