The Lies Built That A Dangerous Love Triangle

Two women loved one man; how far was one willing to go to keep his affection?

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George and Gail Fulton were high school sweethearts. They met at a Catholic youth group. Religion was the foundation of their relationship, as was a fundamental belief that family must always come first.

After they graduated from high school, George enlisted in West Point, a U.S. Military Academy in New York. Gail stayed in Texas to attend college at Baylor University. It was the first test of their relationship, and it seemed like the sweethearts were built to last.

When they both graduated from their respective universities, George and Gail got married. Once again, the couple faced challenges. Because of George’s military career, they moved around quite a bit. Having children added additional stress to the situation.

Things seemed to be looking up for the couple in 1993. George retired, and they settled in Corpus Christi. However, after a few months of bliss, another move was in the works. A lucrative job offer in Michigan caused the Fulton family to move one more time.

Gail made George promise this would be their last move. He agreed.

His new job caused him to travel a lot. As the children grew up, Gail decided she needed something to do during the day. So she got a job at the local library. The Fultons seemed happy.

It would not last long.

Secrets On The Road

While George was on the road, he found himself lonely. He yearned for female companionship. Since his wife was in Michigan and the women he seduced were scattered across the country, his indiscretions would never be known to the woman he loved.

For a while, he was right. He enjoyed the company of several women while he was on the road. Never spending more than a night or two with his companions.

Gail always welcomed her husband home with open arms. Never the wiser about his extramarital activities. Still, his frequent trips away from the family were beginning to take their toll again.

When he accepted an assignment in Florida, the high school sweethearts agreed that it…



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