Crimes of Fashion

For those of us who consider fashion a language—or at least a form of communication.

Giant in Heels

Sorry I’m not sorry

I’m 5’10”. And I like to wear heels. Big, tall, towering heels. Black pumps, sizable wedges and red soles have my name all over them.

Now, you’d figure in a place like New York that wouldn’t be a big deal right? You would think that being in the land of people of all shapes and sizes that nothing would phase fellow New…

Enlightened Bee Winter Lookbook

Shot in Sisters, Oregon with Emma Lawson

Style: Where are all the black sheep among this mass of white?

How indivisuality seems to have totally vanished 

Being The American Fashion Consumer

I was born with an odd combination of an intense mind for research and business with a love for fashion and style of all kinds. It can be a handbag, a lamp, faux eyelashes. It’s all style to me and I do not differentiate. What it has also meant is that I have spent an exorbitant amount of time monitoring and learning about the process, thoughts and…

A crop top vs. a sari blouse?

Possible sartorial ethnocentrism in India 

A few years ago I was confronted by a reality. A reality that perhaps with hindsight I…

A Sartorial Lingua Franca?

Could the Transnational Capitalist Class create its own sartorial language with the primary semiosis being a derivative of wealth?

“Tribal” is a Fashion Fail

I was psyched to see African and African-inspired textiles flooding the runways as the spring 2008 collections got underway. Everyone was doing it: Oscar de la Renta,Christian Dior, and Diane von Furstenberg, to name a few. Barack Obama was running for president and the fashion world was there to usher him in. How fitting, how modern, how revolutionary!

Fast Fashion, Unraveled

An inside look at one of fashion’s most important, invisible jobs

A few weeks ago, I met a friend of a friend — let’s call her Annie …

Mother Lode

About a decade after a woman gives birth to a girl, she begins to know exponentially and unequivocally less about fashion than her daughter. I’m not talking about (what are for me…

Chanel at Home Plate

This is the story of my Chanel suit, and how it has changed my life (so far)

I bought the suit secondhand, at a little shop near the Los…

Crimes of Fashion
Crimes of Fashion

For those of us who consider fashion a language—or at least a form of communication.

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