Mitigating the risk

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The acquisition of knowledge will not solve every problem but generally, education is better than ignorance. Education about personal safety is beneficial to everyone and in no way blames the victim for any crime committed against them.

Nonetheless, there are strategies that people can employ that lessen their chances of being victimized. Drivers are taught to be defensive and to hold the steering wheel at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. They are taught to use mirrors to check their surroundings. It is also wise to drive according to current weather conditions.

Likewise, women can be taught to be defensive. They can learn to be better drivers of their own safety. They can learn to use their mirrors to be more aware of their surrounding.

The following are precautions in order to increase safety:

Safety on the Streets

  • Be aware of your surrounding
  • Know where you are going

Sexual Decisions

  • Do not feel obligated to have sex with someone; you owe them NOTHING

Trust Yourself

  • If you feel uncomfortable, trust your gut and leave


  • Use caution when meeting someone for the first time
  • Go in groups or meet in a public place

Watch your Beverages

  • Do not leave drinks unattended
  • Use caution when accepting drinks from a stranger

Human inalienable rights dictate that we should be free to live, travel, work, and otherwise enjoy our lives. There is a freedom to accumulate wealth without having it stolen. Freedom exists to form friendships and acquaintances without being assaulted. All humanity desires safety in their persons. However, there are those among all populations that desire to steal your wealth, limit your free movement, or betray your trust to physically assault you.

There is no Utopian world where these people do not exist. With this reality, common sense and self-preservation asks people to be cautious. In other words, it would be considered an unwise choice to walk through a high crime neighborhood with hundred dollar bills falling out of your pockets and not expect to have them taken from you against your will. It would also be imprudent to take a family vacation into an active war-zone, expecting no harm.

These extreme examples in no way shift blame to the victim, but rather, as previously stated, suggest that there are precautions that everyone can take to avoid sexual violence. A pragmatic common sense approach to individual safety should be adopted by every member of all societies.

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