AF Radio — Never miss a show

Love radio? Then AF Radio is your perfect match, and that’s a promise.

Amongst all radio apps I’ve used, this one seems to be in the top two, rocking shoulders with TuneIn radio.

AF Radio does three amazing things: Playback radio, set reminders and the coolest part, join the discussion on twitter!

Af Radio is simple to use: open it, search for you favourite show, start listening!

Busy? No problem, set a reminder for when the show is next aired, so you don’t miss a session.

And guess what? You can tune in even if you “manage” to miss your favourite show — call it a playback 😎 and listen to it as if it were live.

AF Radio — Radio Lists to Choose From
AF Radio — Live Radio

Features of The App

AF Radio lets you listen to and discover the best radio shows in Ghana.

  1. Listen to radio shows LIVE
    With AF Radio, you can stream Ghanaian radio shows LIVE from anywhere in the world! Listen to your favorite Ghanaian FM radio, AM radio, or internet radio for free.

2. Find out as soon as a show goes LIVE
Subscribe to shows to get notified as soon as on air.

3. Join the online conversation
What’s better than radio? Seeing all the online chatter around the show! See a stream of real-time tweets about each episode and jump into the conversation right from the app.

Enjoy over 60 of the best Ghanaian radio shows from over 40 stations with AF Radio, Ghana’s favorite social radio app!

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