About us

Critical Powers is a group of four human movement scientists that started off as some sort of book club. The goal of this book club was to keep our scientific knowledge about exercise physiology fresh and to discuss about topics that were of interest to us. After a few meetings and a lot of interesting debates and ideas we decided that it could be a good idea to share our ideas and discussions online. Our goal is to challenge sports science and we hope you will challenge us!

This blog is the result. And this is our team:

Loek Vossen — Entrepenerd

Human movement scientist. Road cycling. Owner of Wattbike Amsterdam West. KNWU wielertrainer 3. LinkedIn.

Martijn Veling — Tarmac Viking

Human movement scientist. Road cycling, former rower. LinkedIn.

Aart Goossens — Data Wizard

Human movement scientist. Road cycling, running, former rower. Python/Django developer. Dreaming about sports, data and entrepreneurship. LinkedIn, Twitter.

Joost Rusche — Cycling Addict

Human movement scientist. Road cycling, mountain biking. Exercise physiologist The Cycling Academy. Wattbike trainer. LinkedIn.