New Collection

This collection is intended to get Critical Thinking authors to be involved in this “Critically Thinking About” publication by sharing useful information and stories that discuss issues, offer solutions and provide out-of-the-box thinking to the worlds most pressing problems. We look forward to thought provoking stories that help us solve our economic and technological problems one thought at a time.

Please use this format when creating your titles:

CRITICALLY THINKING ABOUT (your subject goes here)

i.e. CRITICALLY THINKING ABOUT: Why is there such a large wage gap among people born in March.

This is the standard format for the publication.

Let’s ask the hard questions. Let’s bring up discussions that will make lives better.

Since they deleted the add to collection button, it is really hard to get your posts in the desire collection unless you are the editor or writer of it. Please just contact me or send and email to to be added as editor or writer to this collection.