A Guide to Critiq: Editing Essays — Tips and Examples

Andre Ye
Andre Ye
Jun 6, 2020 · 4 min read

A guide to optimizing your editing rating on Critiq, the free platform to help students get fast and meaningful edits through peer revision.


The rating algorithm that decides your rating for a task considers many factors. These include (but are not limited to):

*UP (user provided) means that the question is based on your match’s impression of your edits.

Your rating has a direct impact on who you are matched with in the future. Users with low ratings — that have been determined by their peers to give low-quality feedback or to be trolls — will be matched with other low-rating users.

Editing Tips

Example Editing

Consider, for instance, that you need to edit the following essay in the editing interface:

In this case, the editor decides to highlight an immediately obvious mistake — a misspelling of ‘knew’ as ‘new’. You could highlight this change, or underline it, color it, or whatever other editing method.

Or, here, the editor decides to add a sentence, which they bold in green to symbolize an addition to the text.

We may also decide to reorder the sentence structure. In this case, the editor decided to strikethrough the original sentence, move it, and color it in a noticeable color.

You can also provide editor notes on how sentences sound — maybe you really love one, or want the author to know that their sentence may not be coming off in a way that they intended it to.

Be sure to provide general editor feedback as well, discussing the essay’s impression, what the writer did well, and broadly what the writer could improve on.

Be sure to complete your essay edits punctually. The algorithm weights punctuality very heavily, meaning that returning your edits quickly will increase the rating you receive from the task.

Critiq gives you the freedom to choose your editing style and method. As long as you put in the effort to make meaningful and clear edits, our algorithm will match you to those who appreciate your editing style and reward you with editors you like better on your essays.

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