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Here comes totally average day of mine, where only average stuff is going on. Although it is important to note that I live in Fonyód, a small town at Lake Balaton, Hungary which is a holiday spot. Therefore everybody comes here to enjoy themself during spring- and summertime. Furthermore I work as a Product Designer (contractor, remote roles only), but I’m not a Product Designer — don’t let a job title define who you are. Anyways, let’s see my schedule!


6ish: get up, have a hot tea, chamomile or ginger.
Dress up and get the Westies ready for the regular morning walk. Missus is coming, obviously.

Molly and Robin having fun in Balatonboglár

7ish: have the walkies around the slopes of Sipos-hegy (a fairly big hill that we call a mountain around here) with an amazing view to Badacsony. Badacsony is actually a small mountain on the opposite shores of Balaton with awesome winerys (well mostly awesome and that area is referred as the Hungarian Toscana).

Having a look at Badacsony from Fonyód

8ish: back home, watch an NBA or NFL game depending on the season.

9:30–10ish: switching on the CPU. Space out, do some work, attend meetings, pushing pixels in Figma, chatting, etc.

12ish: during lunch break sometimes I pop out to play basketball or rollerblade for a while.

Skating in Fonyód

1ish: lunch.

1ish: LOL. Back to the computer. Boring things going on.

4:30–5ish: closing the machine. Walkies number two around Fonyód or other near towns.

Dog Beach, Fonyód

6:30ish: Options for the evening — bike ride with the missus, gardening, swimming, SUP, shopping, having a drink with friends, grill party, whatever.

8ish: getting comfy on the couch for some movies or series.

10ish: nighty night


Fonyód during Winter

Worked hard and smart to get to this point. Fight for your freedom!



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