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Your Writing Advice & Troubles BRING ’EM ON!

Taking Submissions for Articles (and Stories) that need help; and Articles that Give Great Writing Advice

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I’m excited! It’s finally starting! Critique Me has its first submission for critiquing!

Critique Me is a publication where writers can submit fiction or nonfiction articles and stories to get advice for their improvement. Since it’s on Medium, most of your readers will be your fellow Medium writers, many of whom are very successful.

With this setup, you can not only put your own articles in for assistance, but you can also leave helpful suggestions for other writers looking for help.

Some of us are great with punctuation, while others have impeccable grammar, and still many more are experts at organizing ideas and information. This mix of talent and ability creates a tornado that leaves a trail of improved articles and more educated writers.

Photo by David Calderón on Unsplash

Even more exciting (I think so), is that we have many writers who speak and write English as a second language. They will need our help with understanding our more colloquial word usages and phrases. This is an adventure that will take us all over the world!


We are also taking submissions for articles that will be helpful, educational or just humorous and uplifting for our submitters and readers.

We just received our first submission for critiquing!

Salau Shinamide Samuel is our first brave soul to put his work out for us to use our talents and give it our best suggestions. Please, stop by and help a fellow writer.

Be Added as a Writer & Submit Articles

Just leave a comment on this article to be added as a writer.

When you make your submission, let us know if you’re submitting for critiquing or as a helpful article to be placed in the Writing Tips section.

You can write a note in brackets at the beginning of the article, because we will read them and take your note out before publishing. Or, you can send an email to to let us know if you’re submitting for critiquing or Writing Tips.

Also, visit the Critique Me Facebook page. Leave comments and questions, start a conversation, or just share something you find hilarious or helpful. Let’s get this community going!

Share any questions or thoughts you have about Critique Me (or the meaning of life — always an interesting subject).




Free editing from your fellow writers, editors & readers on Medium. Everyone can be both a submitter and a critiquer. The goal is equal give & take. We all have strengths to share. Also accepting submissions for advice & education articles.

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