“Impressive and diverse companies, making big leaps forward from what was existing in their space” — Michael Ginzo (Animus)

Having launched the CRL pilot scheme at the start of September, our 11 start-up teams are settling in and making great progress at the CRL. They’re getting to know one another (and us) and are starting to share their knowledge to solve their hardware and software problems, creating a great little community here in Hayes.

The space and programme is already evolving to support their work and individual needs, alongside the workshop as more equipment arrives each week!

So, to find out what they think of the CRL programme, the space and resources, we thought we’d ask a few members of the teams for their first impressions.

How did they find the CRL and why did they apply ?

From the equipment to the mentor support, our startups recognised the great complete startup support that was on offer, specifically tailored to hardware, physical product start-ups.

First Impressions — what do they think of the space, programme and their fellow startups?

The teams are impressive and diverse; making huge technological advances in their individual fields. With the guidance and support of the CRL team and the programme the CRL members are excited to start working on their products.

What’s next and what are they looking forward to getting stuck into?

With the state of the art workshop facilities the teams are very excited to start prototyping their products. Alongside completing the Fundamental sessions and the access to experts and mentors from a wide range of backgrounds and fields to develop their companies and business skills. (More about this coming up!)

Check out the video to see and hear more from them! You can also view more about the teams and their products on the portfolio page.

20/10/2015 written by MEGAN BATES