5-minute Speaker Meet: Jordi Montana

Microsoft Business Solutions MVP, Founder DynamicsValue.com

This month’s featured speaker is Jordi Montana, Business Solutions MVP, Architect, Developer and author of FakeXRMEasy, a mocking framework for Microsoft Dynamics Xrm, as well as being just about the nicest guy on the CRM circuit.

Developing XRM solutions has always been a difficult and expensive task. Previously requiring significant capex licensing investment and effort for developers to engage with. It was tedious, slow and painful.

Then one day, a few years ago, Jordi Montana, frustrated with the inertia this process caused him time and time again, started to build a platform to help test Dynamics without the need for a dynamics license and in a more agile way. Fitting in to the spirit of mocking frameworks tools like RhinoMocks and Moq, Jordi set about creating fake stubs for Xrm entities, simply to help his own work.

FakeXrmEasy Landing page at dynamicsvalue.com

Fast forward a years and FakeXrmEasy has grown to be the de facto framework for faking Xrm objects throughout the development cycle, bringing test-driven development to enterprise apps and systems. What’s better, Jordi gave it to the community for FREE!

With such a contribution, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to catch up with Jordi and ask him about his experience.

Jordi, it’s great to have you with us and thanks for your time. Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself and dynamicsvalue.com?

Sure. I’m a Microsoft Business Solutions MVP, and owner at https://dynamicsvalue.com. I have a hands-on, technical architecture and lead development role around the design and implementation of systems connected to Dynamics 365 as well as Dynamics 365 solutions themselves. I also created an open source test driven development framework for Dynamics 365 (FakeXrmEasy) which makes TDD for Dynamics dead simple. So if you think unit testing Dynamics is hard… sorry, but no excuses now.

They better believe it! I remember being sat in one of your talks in between juggling cameras and managed to get started and hammer out a good few tests in a few minutes! It’s extremely easy to use and very fast! How did you come about speaking at CRM Saturday?

It was kind of the gig found me instead. Raz[wan] got in touch with me on LinkedIn about my open source testing framework. He was also running the CRM Developer group in Manchester at the time so we had some really interesting follow-up calls on Skype about the possibility of doing a presentation of the testing framework.
Eventually, it led to my first appearance at CRM Saturday in Manchester as a speaker and for Raz as the organiser. Since then, there has been more interest in both the CRM Saturday conference and the open source project itself. I am very thankful for that. Actually, and in my honest opinion, TDD for Dynamics was pretty much an abandoned topic (or very few people were doing it or interested on it), but thanks to these events, looks like TDD and Continuous Integration topics for Dynamics are getting a lot of momentum on social networks lately.

About time I’d say. Which events have you spoken at or demo-ed FakeXrmEasy?

Manchester, London and Dublin so far and I’m looking forward to Zurich and Madrid soon too!

Very soon! Just a week away.


What is it like speaking at CRM Saturday?

It is great because people are attending the event with a genuine interest and are open to discussions. Mainly because it is not like a pre-sales pitch of a presentation but a training / learning experience where everyone wins, so the audience is much more “receptive” and probably more engaged, so that definitely makes presenting way more easy and an enjoyable experience.
Oh, it is also a great networking experience (learnt lots of things from the other speakers), … especially after a few drinks.

I bet there’s lots of funny stories or anecdotes you can tell us from those!

Pretty much every CRM Saturday had a funny or interesting experience. I highly encourage you to attend if you have a chance.

Great! Before we finish off, you’ve got a training event coming up on the 25th and 26th May, where can people find out more about the Masterclass or about you?

Sure, feel free to register at https://dynamicsvalue.com/training or drop me an email at jordi@dynamicsvalue.com. There is also a blog section at https://dynamicsvalue.com/blog, and FakeXrmEasy is on GitHub at https://github.com/jordimontana82/fake-xrm-easy

That’s brilliant Jordi. Thanks very much for your time and for sharing your experiences! I hope to catch you at a future event and wish you the best of luck at the masterclass.

You can also follow Jordi on twitter @jordimontana