How to Choose CRM for Real Estate.

Does Real Estate Business need a proper CRM System? Real Estate CRM is required because of the complexity of Sales Cycle, leads flowing in from many sources and involvement of more than one person in sales. Especially because of the high cost of Lost Opportunity. The cost of losing a Potential Customer, because of improper follow-up or incomplete sales process.

In Real Estate business cost of lost of opportunity is very high, plus the sales process is complicated and involves more than few people.

Does Real Estate need CRM in Market Boom or when it in recession mode? In fact both. In a boom market, there is an abundant flow of leads which need to be managed correctly and converted to sales, which is not possible without proper CRM system.

What about “Recession”, When the market is flat, each and every customer is important because buyers are less and every seller is scouting for buyers. The Seller with best approach and sales process will win the client. Hence CRM is required to manage whatever enquiries are flowing in and generating more enquiries.

Real Estate CRM companies should also have telephony integration (Call Center functionality) and mobile App, because most of their team members are going to be on the go.

What is CRM? BTW. Well for the uninitiated, CRM is a software solution, which helps you manage your Customers and all your interactions with your clients in one place. It will also assist in managing Sales process lifecycle. CRM helps you make sure that you don’t lose any enquiry, due to lack of (or improper) follow up. Real Estate CRM can also contribute to managing the documentation for Sales and payment collection follow-up (after sales)

CRM is beneficial for Real Estate Industry in Boom as well as recession.

How to Choose Real Estate CRM

  1. Lead Generation & Consolidation:
  2. A Good CRM will be integrated with Telephony, SMS, Website, Email so that you can generate leads for your company. Also, lead generated from all the sources including Real Estate Portals should be integrated right into CRM.

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