A pink crochet blanket worked in a textured basketweave stitch
The corner of a basketweave crochet blanket worked in pink — photo and crochet by Leslie Stahlhut

Crochet Affirmation №52

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing twice! — crochetbug

If you crochet for any time at all, you will, inevitably, make a mistake.

While repair of the mistake is usually straight forward (pull out all of the stitches to the point where the error was made and start over), it can also be fraught with emotion.




Affirmations to inspire you to reach for the crochet stars

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Leslie Stahlhut

Leslie Stahlhut

Crocheter on a mission to make the world a better place — one stitch at a time. Twitter: @crochetbug. Crochet blog: https://www.crochetbug.com

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