Happy New Year from Cronalia!

On behalf of Cronalia Limited, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

We hope that the new year adds greatness to you, your family and business throughout the year and beyond.

New Year Surprise

It’s been 7 hours since our team started the finishing touch stages of what we wanted to make a new year surprise to everyone. Well, we eventually finished.

Our New Look

After tireless efforts from the Technology Department and support from the Growth Department, I would like to announce that we have launched our new website at www.cronalia.com.

Why the Change?

It’s about time for us to let the cat out of the bag.

We have a 7-year plan as a company so every year, we shift to the upcoming stage.

The plan to redefine automation cannot be achieved in a day. It would take several years and we know that so we are letting you know through the Roadmap section of our website home page.

What to expect?

You would see much more. At the moment, we are building products. Our Technology team was busy throughout the Holiday so I would say you should expect our first product to be out before the end of February.

By then, we would have 3 more products to go and we are confident that we can develop these products. Expect to hear from us more often because we are “Adapting Learning Interventions”. We would find out from our community just how to get our products development done right.

Well, we’ve not had much sleep today as we have been making sure that everything is okay with our website — so for now I have to stop here. Give us some time and we would give you updates bit-by-bit on what the new website has to offer and much more.

Desire to be great and stay awesome!

Have a great year ahead. Cheers.

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