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Cronos Mainnet V1.0 “Galileo” upgrade — announcing upgrade block height: 6,542,800

Following up on our initial announcement of the Cronos Mainnet V1.0 Galileo pre-release, and the latest schedule update, we are pleased to announce that:

What to expect if you are an end-user

The proposed upgrade date is 18th January 2023, and the chain will be upgraded at a specific block height of 6542800; the estimated time of this block can be found here.

After the upgrade block height, all node operators will upgrade their node binary so that their node can continue to sync with the chain. The chain will be paused and back online once most validators have been upgraded; network downtime is approximate ~60 mins.

Actions Required if you are a Node Operator

The chain will be upgraded at the block height of 6542800. Once we reach the upgrade block height, all node operators need to upgrade to the latest cronosd binary, “v1.0.2” so their node can continue syncing with the chain. The live block height is viewable on Cronoscan.

Please DO NOT UPGRADE to the binary v1.0 prior to the target upgrade block.

Remark for node host: Unlike previous binaries released in different DB backends ( i.e., cronos_***--rocksdb ) — The new v1.0.2 version supports rocksdb and goleveldb in one single binary, and the DB can be configured in the app.toml with the app-db-backend field.

If you have any questions or comments about this upgrade, please reach out to the development team via the #cronos-mainnet-beta channel on the Cronos Discord server.

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