Photo by a straight shooter widely respected on all sides.

Resistance Recess is here.

Be a part of this. You can help.

Next week (February 18th-26th) is the first recess of this new Congress. Because man those guys are doing such great work, they deserve a break.

Anyway, Crooked Media is partnering with to hold members of Congress accountable in every district in the United States. Today we had MoveOn’s Ben Wikler on Pod Save America to talk about how you can get involved, and we’ll be checking in with MoveOn, Indivisible, and with friends of the pod across the country to find out how these town halls and protests are going.

So go here to find out where and how to be a part of this fight:

The site also includes great advice from the grassroots organization Indivisible on what to do if your Member of Congress is missing in action.

This has been a really hard and frustrating few weeks. But the energy and enthusiasm we’re seeing at protests is more than just a bright spot in dark times, it’s actually making a difference.

The health care of tens of millions of people is at stake. Our democracy is at stake. And the only thing these members of Congress fear more than a tweet by Donald Trump is their constituents.

So get out there.

Oh and just for fun here’s a screenshot of Jason Chaffetz at a town hall with angry constituents. Chaffetz later said they must have been paid (because Chaffetz is so perfect you’d have to pay people to criticize him).

“Stop yelling at me just because I’m in charge of oversight and there has been no oversight.”