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There’s never BEEN a roll out like this.

Many people are talking about Crooked Media.

NY Mag:

Those distraught about the lack of Keepin’ It 1600 episodes in recent weeks can stop drowning their sorrows in Bloomin’ Onions. The popular podcast from former Obama administration staffers Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — which started last March and amassed 400,000 listeners by Election Day — is being retired. But it will live on as Pod Save America, the debut podcast from the trio’s new company, Crooked Media.

Time: 3 Obama Alumni Are Launching a ‘Crooked Media’ Company for the Donald Trump Era

SF Chronicle:

“The best ideas are going to come from outside Washington,” Vietor said. “It’s good to remove yourself from the D.C. bubble. There’s really talented people everywhere who want to be involved, and we can help channel that energy.”

Huffington Post : Obama White House Veterans Tackle The Trump Era With New Political Media Site

Daily Beast:

As for what listeners can expect from Pod Save America, Favreau says he hopes they can “pierce the bubble” that separates left from right in America by engaging in casual, long-form conversations in a podcast setting, as opposed to the type of cable news shout-fests that were a staple of the election cycle. “We are not going to have people on who have been known to just lie constantly all the time,” he says, “but if you have opposing views, I want to have those conversations.”

“We have a hard ban on devious morons,” Lovett adds, laughing. Would that standard apply to someone like Kellyanne Conway, for example? He just sighs and says, “She’s so busy!” Informed that she will be on with Seth Meyers’ show this week, he jokes, “Maybe she’ll say something true.”Vanity Fair: The Obama Media Empire Strikes Back

The Hill: Former Obama staffers launching anti-Trump site called ‘Crooked Media’

Entertainment Weekly:

In December 2016, Former Obama administration staffers Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor released the last episode of their campaign podcast Keepin’ It 1600 for Bill Simmons’ The Ringer network. They were a prominent voice during the election campaign, reaching an audience of 400,000 listeners, but are now looking to be more active in directly challenging Trump’s administration and promote progressive advocacy with their new venture.

Politico: Former Obama staffers launching media company

Hollywood Reporter:

“There’s an entire generation that traditional political media is not reaching,” says Favreau. “A lot of what you hear on television is in a dead language. It’s similar a problem to the communication we get from politicians a lot.”

Lovett, as many 1600 listeners might guess, is more blunt about the old guard: “Basically, cable news right now is great journalists being forced to interview campaign rejects and a bunch of deviant goons to fill the space between advertisements for various kinds of medication.”

Daily Dot:

Tommy Vietor, Jon Favreau, and Jon Lovett established the Crooked Media website on Monday, complete with a photo of the White House turned completely upside down. They say they launched the new media company because they want to take back their version of the country.

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