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All-new Animals extracts!

Updated extracts for GC producing animals

Hey Farmers 🚜

Say hello to the all-new extracts in your CropBytes farm!

We have some good news to share. We’re introducing a few new extracts in the game to enhance the gaming experience and also in preparation for the V2 economy.

These extracts can be converted to Game Coins, the value of these updated extracts will be equivalent to their current value in GC 🎴

Here's the new config 👇

Wild Goat: 2 Fur (FUR)
Black Bull: 4 Fur (FUR)
Badshaw: 2 Horse Hair (HHR)
Zing: 2 Horse Hair (HHR)
B Rooster: 1 Feather (FTR)
Dor: 8 Wool (WOOL)
Mud: 3 Truffles (TRF)
Sparky: 4 Truffles (TRF)

Visit the game assets page for more information on gives and takes of animals.

Current conversion To GC 👇

2 Fur = 1 GC
1 Horse Hair = 1 GC
1 Feather = 1 GC
6 wool = 1 GC
3 Truffles = 1 GC
4 Milk = 1 GC
8 Eggs = 1 GC

Visit GC Conversion page

Note: Extracts to GC conversions are dynamic.
The above conversions are based on conversion rate for week 0 and difficulty =1.

Check out our post on Game Coins and Deflation protocol for more details on conversion rate and difficulty.

We have a lot more awesome features and releases coming your way. Stay tuned to get the latest updates.

In the meanwhile, keep playing & keep earning.

Team CropBytes 👨🏻‍🌾

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CropBytes is an online crypto game based on real-world farming, where you truly own assets in the game & use them to provide goods & services to other players or trade, Just like a real economy. Build your farming business in the CropBytes metaverse to grow your CBX!

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