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CropBytes Exchange : Guide

FAQ’s & tips on the CropBytes Exchange

The CropBytes Exchange is the ‘Next Big Thing’ in gaming. We have changed the way gamers trade, and are never going back.

Here is something to help you get started.

Wondering how an exchange works?

  • ‘Click Here’ for a quick guide on the different components, where they are & what they do.
  • You can also watch our walkthrough video on the Exchange.
Walk through on how use a Crypto Trading Exchange

Have questions?

Browse through the faqs on the Exchange.

  • What is the CropBytes exchange?
    CropBytes exchange is a world-class trading platform where players can trade game assets with crypto. Currently using Tron (TRX), more cryptocurrencies will be integrated in the future
  • How do I Deposit?

1. Login to your CropBytes account at

2. Head to “Funds” in the profile dropdown.

3. Click on the token ‘TRX’

4. Copy your unique ‘Deposit Address’ or Scan the ‘QR’ Code .

5. Paste it in the destination address field in the withdrawal section for TRX in your private or exchange wallet.

6. Once you click ‘send’ or ‘Withdraw’ in the exchange, or your wallet you will receive the amount in your game wallet after 30 block confirmations are completed.

  • How do I Withdraw?
    Auto withdrawals will be enabled shortly. Until then with send us your wallet address at from your registered email id.
  • How do I trade?
    Check out our blog post for tips and information on the CropBytes Exchange.

Stay tuned for more.




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