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Month in Review | Nov 2020

What happened at CropBytes in November 2020

Hey Farmers 🚜

Hope you are having a great time playing and earning on CropBytes.

The year 2020 went by so quickly we are already down to the last few weeks!

With the onset of the bull run & BTC reaching its all-time high price in November, the crypto community is on fire again 🔥

Here’s a highlight of what happened at CropBytes this month 👇

Markets Launched 🚀

  • Wind Turbine (WTW)
  • Orange Tree (ORT)

Visit the CropBytes Exchange to see all the markets.

Contests 🏆

  • OCL/TRX trading contest

Releases ✅

Fixes ⚙️

  • Bug fixes
  • App optimization
  • Code cleanup

What we’re building [Ongoing] 👩‍💻

  • New Portfolio screen: An easy interface for players to view their assets.
  • New tokens: We’ll be listing more markets on the CropBytes Exchange in the coming weeks.
  • Auto withdrawals: Enabling players to withdraw their funds securely.
  • History Page: A log of your game history.

Some highlights ✨

A lot is going on behind the scenes at CropBytes, we can’t wait to get the news out.

2021 will be the year for crypto gaming, and we’re all set to make it big! Get ready for more awesome stuff coming your way 🙌

Keep playing and earning!

Team CropBytes 👨‍🌾




CropBytes is an online crypto game based on real-world farming, where you truly own assets in the game & use them to provide goods & services to other players or trade, Just like a real economy. Build your farming business in the CropBytes metaverse to grow your CBX!

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