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Comparison of Conventional Games VS Crypto Games

Redefining Gaming

A quick look at the differences between Blockchain/ Crypto games vs conventional games

Most of us have played games growing up and many still do, The gaming industry is constantly evolving. It focuses mainly on the aspects that matter the most to gamers and the gaming industry. AAA-rated titles are all about feature-packed games with detailed game-play, meaning full story line, High-performance systems, Superior graphics, and other such factors.

“Blockchain will change the world as we know it” — A widely believed theory that is being tested daily with new projects and ventures based on Blockchain.

Blockchain gaming is a new trend in gaming which is getting a lot of buzz lately. These games have brought in a new perspective for gamers and game developers.
Blockchain and crypto games have a few basic differences, although they both have many things in common, mainly focus on incentives for players and true ownership of virtual assets.

But how are these different from the games we play today?
Let us look at how Crypto games are different from conventional games:

Crypto/ Blockchain Games vs Conventional Games

Conventional games

Games that build & manage the elements required for it to function. All the assets, maps and objects in the game are owned by the developers or the development studio.Though some in-game items may be trade-able between player accounts, the ownership stays with the developers.

Since conventional games use an in-game token/currency to trade within the game, They can’t be exchanged for real money. The economy is limited within the game, so not many factors influence this and hence the value is always the same.

This is a widely used strategy among conventional games.

Blockchain & Crypto games

Compared to conventional games, We see many differences in blockchain games. Factors like architecture, rules, hosting, data storage are all based on the blockchain.

Players and developers can even mine, mint, and trade in-game assets within the game’s economy. Having true ownership means that game assets can also be transferred to a private wallet.

Above all since all assets backed by tokens that are traded in fiat(USD, EUR, YEN). Players and developers can easily liquidate their in-game items for real-world money

This is a great time to get started with crypto gaming. Games like CropBytes give an easy entry into the crypto gaming world with free trial assets .
You can also download this awesome simulation game on your mobile devices and earn as you play.

The gaming industry is growing rapidly and is predicted to cross an estimated $230 billion by 2022. This means we will see a rise in the value of blockchain games as well..

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