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Cros Ads Platform Launch, Our Multiverse Pass, Eye-Opening Discussions, and More!

Cros is launching its ad platform, Cros Ads, this is the our most exciting event of the year and for the metaverse too!

The wait is over! Here is your formal invitation:

Venue: Decentraland 📍(28,107)
September 3rd 2022 📆 2PM CST/6PM GMT
Launch of Cros’ ads platform, Cros Ads

At Cros, every new day we bring yet more exciting news. We are proud to be pioneering this cool new technology and sharing it in the metaverse. Such an exciting journey, of which is essentially the next big revolution on the internet. Cros is now on its way to launching its own ads platform for metaverse to bridge the gap between brands wanting to advertise themselves and publishers wanting to publish ads.

The Cros Ads platforms’ launch event will be a virtual event in Decentraland. We want to give everyone the chance and convenience to attend this global event right from wherever they are.

So, what are we offering? In addition to the grand launch, we are also releasing the first-ever limited-edition Multiverse Pass that would let you mint your first-ever Ad Asset NFT worth $600. Also, mind-opening discussions with industry leaders and lots more.

Read on to find all the nitty gritty detail.

What is the Cros Ads platform?

Before we delve into the details, let’s get you warmed up to the star of the show, Cros Ads. Cros allows publishers and vendors to place their adverts on metaverse virtual worlds with the help of transparent allocation and pricing. It integrates smart contracts, NFTs, and secured infrastructures to regulate and enable advertising in metaverses.

Similar to Google AdSense, Cros’ Ad platform lets you place your adverts on several virtual placeholders across the Cros Ad network in the metaverse.

The launchpad of Cros Ads

Now that you are intrigued about our ads platform, you will find it thrilling to know that it is launching sooner than you thought. Mark your calendars for September 3rd, and be ready to receive the good news.

Cros Ads platform launch event is scheduled to take place on September 3rd, starting at 2:00 PM EST and 6:00 PM GMT in Decentraland at these coordinates. Decentraland (28, 107)

What Should you expect at the event?

Anything about the metaverse, especially at Cros, we assure you, is always an intersting affair. You get loads of informative and path-breaking discussions from top industry veterans and forerunners in the metaverse space.

The event starts with a panel discussion about the metaverse economy, followed by a technical conversation about the awesome cool things you can build in the metaverse world. Our key speakers include metaverse architects, CEOs, investment experts, and business leaders shaping up the metaverse world.

Here is the complete list of speakers who will be on the discussion panels:

Discussion Panel 1 — “The Metaverse economy, current and future opportunities”
-Darshit Vora — Startup Solutions Architect, AWS (Amazon)
-Marco Stagliano — CEO, Another-1
Ankur Choudhary — Research Partner, Woodstock
-Ajay Bhandari — Co-founder, Cros

Discussion Panel 2 — “Building immersive apps and experience for metaverses”
-Chieway Lee — XT
-Vijay Pravin Maharajan — Founder & CEO, bitsCrunch
Yeung Lavenjer — Investment Partner, SevenX Ventures
-Ajay Bhandari — Co-founder, Cros
-(TBD)— Parsiq & IQ Protocol

The panel discussions will be followed up with the Cros Product launch and presentation along with the most exciting part of the event, the introduction to the Cros Multiverse Pass.

The Cros limited edition Multiverse pass rollout, is a never-seen-before offering that gives you access to your first Ad Asset NFTs worth a good $600. And, it comes with several other benefits as well.

Some of our lucky visitors can also get their hands on discounted Multiverse passes that will be sold at $199 during the presale and $599 at the public sale. This is a one-time chance to grab Cros Multiverse passes at the best possible price.

The fun doesn’t stop here. After a break, you get to experience a Joint AMA between Cross, DCL and Polygon, followed by a DJ event at the Unity Cafe. Talk about the perfect metaverse event!

How To Join

This 4-hour immersive event is hosted on Decentraland; hence, you will have to either sign in as a guest or connect your account with Decentraland to attend it. Create your account today and be ready to deep dive into the world of metaverse with Cros by your side.

Find more details on our Decentraland events page. Save the date!!



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