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Cros — Creating An Innovative Advertising Protocol connecting Metaverses with advertisers

Big names like Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Coca Cola, and several others are making bold moves in the Metaverse. With each passing day, the Metaverse continues to soar in popularity. The concept of the Metaverse gained huge interest in 2021, with a massive influx of retail and institutional investors alike.

Companies are poised to build the next phase of the Internet, and you should pay attention. The Metaverse is expected to witness meteoric growth to become a multi-trillion dollar economy, with advertising and commerce fueling this growth. However, the metaverse has no infrastructure or standards for advertising and consumer economy. This is where Cros enters the picture, Cros is building an advertising platform and protocol connecting metaverses with advertisers using blockchain based infrastructure.

Cros has been designed with a platform mindset and a focus on ease of integration with existing ad platforms and ad managers. The platform envisages ad-assets, ad-bids, auction formats and ad-impression as first-class blockchain-based primitives providing for a transparent allocation and pricing of advertisements in virtual worlds. These protocol primitives will form the substrate for creating innovative ad-services with ad-assets and digital wearables interoperable across metaverses, creative merging of ad-surface with environments and more.

The Team Behind Cros

Cros is built around a team of pioneers with years of experience from Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Deloitte, and EY. The Cros team is driven by industry leaders with a vast wealth of experience working on Blockchain-based solutions.

Cros brings together the best experts who have delivered a number of successful solutions for Google and Microsoft, and Bussr Technologies.

What is On Our Roadmap?

The Cros team is working behind the scenes to release timely updates as scheduled on our roadmap. Presently, the Multiverse club is opened, where Cros Multiverse Pass holders will have the chance to earn up to $100,000 and become exclusive members of the Cros community to get early access to Cros NFT drops, token private sale, product releases, and more. Get whitelisted while you can!

Following a successful Alpha release of the Cros Ad Manager and SDK for Decentraland in August, we have scheduled the Ad Platform release for October. This will be followed by an Ad-focused marketplace for creators, publishers & advertisers, new ad-formats like events and support for Second Life, Roblox and others.

Who has Partnered with Cros in the Past Year?

The Cros team is focused on building a strong network of quality connections that will serve as a strong foundation for standardizing NFT and e-commerce advertising across metaverses. We recently announced that we had established a number of key alliances to support the growth of the metaverse economy. The collaboration with Microsoft, which will provide Cros access to reliable Microsoft partners and investment networks, is a significant one. This alliance will enable Cros to have access to OpenAI and Drata, which will help with its AI efforts and increase security.

We also secured partnership with bitsCrunch, a customer-centric company committed to providing a consistent experience for digital assets, NFTs. The strategic collaboration between Cros and bitsCrunch will facilitate the creation of a reliable and transparent advertising platform for metaverses.

Cros Co-founder, Ajay Bhandari, remarked,“Defining a traceable, secure, trustable, and accountable infrastructure and standards for advertising and consumer economy on metaverses lies at the core of Cros, and our association with bitsCrunch will add to the objectives of Cros effortlessly,”

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What Is Cros Multiverse Pass?

About Cros

CROS is an advertising platform and protocol connecting metaverses with advertisers using blockchain smart contracts. CROS enables Metaverses to power Advertising and eCommerce. Connecting Metaverses with advertisers and users in an intuitive and decentralized process. Standardizing Advertising NFTs and powering immersive consumer economy across metaverses. Enabling Everyone to earn from advertising and unlocking new heights for the play and earn economy.

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Cros is an advertising platform and protocol connecting metaverses with advertisers using blockchain smart contracts. Find out more at: