Chicago to Louisville to St. Louis

Day 4. Ok quick recap for you all. We had traveled over 1000 miles within the first three days we took to the road. Todays adventure lead us to Louisville, Kentucky. Home of bourbon and baseball bats. And that is exactly why we were headed there. Bourbon, by the name of Evan Williams is where we headed first. “The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience” was the place we went to. It tells the story of Evan Williams and gives you an in-depth tour/description of how bourbon is made. They even have a working distillery in the building. It’s called the Disney World of Bourbon, and it really is.

From there we moved onto the Louisville Bat Factory and Museum. But, sadly we arrived at 5:30 and the place closes at 5. But, at least we still got a picture with the big bat out front. It’s actually modeled after the bat Babe Ruth used. We couldn’t stay long in Louisville because we had to get going to stay in our first AirBNB that night in St. Louis.


So it was off on the road yet again, and we headed to the Gateway to the West. We got in late around 10pm, and we were tired. The place we had booked for the night was only costing us $39. We met the owner of the place, Mitch, who recommended a pizza joint and it was pretty damn good. We then headed back to the house, and settled in for a good nights rest.

The digs.

Go to for videos from the trip.

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