Day 2. This was our first day of doing an actual activity for the road trip. Our first stop was at The Rock-And-Roll Hall of Fame. We paid about $8 to park and another $20 something to enter the museum and we were off.

Dave having a ball.

The place is filled with old guitars and memorabilia, which I mean you probably could of guessed that on your own. Anyway! This was definitely going to be a major highlight of the trip for David, who is a lover of classic rock-and-roll. There are six levels in this place and they are all great, except the last two. We have officially dubbed those the “biggest disappointment of the Rock-And-Roll Hall Of Fame”. These levels were known as the “portrait” level, which briefly turned the ROCK-AND-ROLL HALL OF FAME into a contemporary art museum. But, hey we pressed on. We walked out of the museum and headed into the city of Cleveland.

The portrait level

Our next destination was The Arcade, one of the oldest shopping malls in the United States. It had been kept in tact over the years and still even had some food places. It’s a pretty cool site to see, but pretty much dead on the inside, maybe a good place to go and study or do some work, I don’t know.

Pretty slick interior if you ask me.

Anyway, we ate lunch there at a not so local joint called Charley’s. The food? Delicious. We had large portions and were stuffed. After walking around The Arcade a little more we headed back to our car. Within 60 seconds of us reaching the car it began pouring rain.

We headed back home where we waited for my dad to come home from work before heading out to dinner, (big bonus of going out to dinner with my dad was I got to spend time with him,….and he paid for the meal, so there’s that). The name of the place we went to was, well, I’m not sure. But, I can tell you that I had a great steak and even better potatoes.

Now, Cleveland may be a major city, but it is right on Lake Erie, and the suburbs have beaches everywhere. What better place to catch the sunset? So we headed to one, and watched the sun set on the lake. Once the sun had done its thing, and the food had digested we headed back to Mitchell’s for one last scope of that homemade ice cream. I opted for the homemade waffle cone this time, and it was a great decision. After dessert we went back home to relax and hit the hay before leaving for Chicago the next day.

Sunset on Lake Erie.

Head over to for videos from the trip.

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