Cleveland to Chicago

Day 3. A big day, another drive into a major city. It wasn’t too bad of a drive, only about five hours. Chi-town was our next stop. We left Cleveland early, around 7am we were on the road. We wanted to get to Chicago as early as possible because we were only spending a day there.

We checked into our hotel around noon (thank you time zone change), and were able to get settled for a few minutes before driving into the city. We were roughly 30–45 minutes outside of the city, and driving in around 1pm wasn’t all that bad. We drove in right by the infamous Willis Tower, or better known as the Sears Tower.

The Willis Tower

We found parking for the totally fair price of $40, and headed out to explore. We had our list of things to see and do and would fill in the blanks as we went.

Our first major stop turned into getting a slice of Deep Dish Pizza, not my first time with the Deep Dish, I like it. Dave, not so much. We pushed on towards the BEAN the infamous reflective bean thing that is home to tourist from any and everywhere.

Miss, you’re selfie is runing my picture.

A few pictures later we were off to the Willis Tower to stand 103 stories above the city.

After exiting the tower we took a look around and then at the time. It was 5 o’clock, rush hour. The city was in a standstill of honking horns and cars moving 10 feet a minute. There was nowhere for us to go. So we sat outside the Willis Tower and just watched the time go by. About 30 minutes later we made the trek to the car and left the city, and you know what, it wasn’t half bad we didn’t have too big of an issue with the traffic.

Dave, suggested we stop for some Italian Beef, another Chicago staple. We made a stop at Jonnie’s and let me tell you what, if you are in the Chicago area this place is a must. Simply order an Italian beef “hot and juicy”, oh and definitely get an italian ice and then thank me later. The line may look big, but it moves quick and the food was delicious. After getting some of that hot and juicy beef we went back to the hotel room to get ready for another day of long traveling.


Go to for videos from the trip.

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