New Orleans

Day 34. Today we explored the ever historic New Orleans. Now all in all we did do a lot, but I like to make these blog posts pretty short, so here’s a condensed version.

New Orleans, French Quarter

We got up late, go figure. My Uncle, who lives in New Orleans didn’t have work so he was able to show us around. We got on the trolly on Canal Street. We rode it to Royal and headed down into the French Quarter. We skipped most of the tourist things, (thanks Uncle Mike), and ate at a place called Nola. It was good, what do you expect in New Orleans?

We walked around got some beignets at Cafe du Monde, and no we didn’t wait in a big line to do so. We then walked along the Mississippi before we headed to an above ground cemetary. We were disappointed to realize that you know needed a tour guide to navigate the cemetery, thanks for nothing New Orleans.

The view from our dinner.

At this point we split up from my Uncle and headed back to the AirBNB to catch some rest. Around 7pm we headed back out to meet up for dinner. We ate dinner at a place called Tableau, it was pretty good, we sat on a balcony and watched the people pass below.

We then safely navigated the trolly back to our house and made it safely inside, and now I’m off to bed, hopefully you get a sense of how our day went, ok, goodnight.

Go to for videos from the trip.