Omaha to the Badlands

The Badlands

Day 6. This is exciting, our first National Park of the trip. The Badlands of South Dakota. We didn’t even know about this place. My friend Adam did a trip with his family when he was younger and said this was an absolute must. Lucky for us there was an AirBNB on a ranch only four miles outside the park. But, it took a full day of driving, nearly seven hours from when we started. We stayed at a place called the Circle View Ranch, and this place was the real deal. The people that work on the land were extremely friendly, and the home was great. It’s very clean and they have a kitchen for you to use if you’d like, as well as TVs with satellite but you don’t really need that as it is right in heart of the Badlands area.

There are numerous other rooms in the place, but we had the golden one with its own bathroom. Anyway, once we had checked the place out we realized we had absolutely nothing to eat for dinner. But, fear not there was a small grocery store in the town of Interior, home to maybe 67 people?

yup. 67.

We got the food we needed and cooked dinner. Long story short we had some problems with the grill and the local donkeys, but all in all it went well and the dinner was delicious. Quick tip for all of you cooking sausage. Add some black pepper into the pan the sausage is cooking in and add pepper into the bun before you put the sausage in, it is the best thing you can do for your sausage, and more importantly your tastebuds.


After dinner we grabbed our camera gear and headed into the park to catch the sunset. We drove through a large part of the park to reach the point that is supposed to be the “best place to watch the sunset in the badlands” — that’s what I put into google. In around 45 minutes we reached our destination, and it was site to behold. The Badlands are so cool, and seeing the sun set on all the different rock formations was something else.

Once the sun had set we traveled back to our room, and settled in. This was our first Bed and Breakfast AirBNB, and we were looking forward to the homemade breakfast we’d be getting in the morning.

Shadows on the Badlands

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