Schenectady to Cleveland

Day 1. That’s right the very first day of our epic road trip adventure. We left in morning, around 10am. My mother was worried about me (as she should be). She made sure everything was good to go before I departed with my friend David.

Our first overnight stop was to be in Cleveland, Ohio. We got about an hour into the trip before we needed to make a pit stop, coffee and the bathroom were the name of the game. We kept driving along pretty good after that. We wanted to stop in Buffalo before we made our way to Niagara Falls. We ate at the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery.


A nice place right off the highway. After being stuffed the brim with onion rings and burger grease we checked to see our ETA to Niagara Falls. That’s when we realized our first major error of the trip. It would of made a lot more sense to do Niagara Falls BEFORE heading into Buffalo, as we would have to pretty much backtrack in order to see it. Hey, we’re not geography majors, give us a break. But, it was no matter. So what, we miss seeing a bunch of water. We knew there’d be more to see on the trip.

We continued west to Cleveland. We arrived around 7:30pm. My father had prepared us some burgers for our first supper of the road trip. (Quick back story, my family moved from Schenectady to Cleveland, that’s why my dad was there). We ate our dinners, got acquainted with the house, and we were off again. We traveled to Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream shop, which in case you didn’t know is the place to go while in Cleveland. We enjoyed our homemade ice cream outside in the cool late spring breeze. And, yeah that was it. Day 1 was a success.


Head over to for videos from the trip.

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