Resource Center | 3.17

Hey everyone!

We are thrilled to publish our first story today. We want to update you on the impact we have made through Resource Center so far. Very recently, we set up the Home Builders Care Assessment Center (HBCAC) with Resource Center. HBCAC is a men’s emergency shelter in Rockville, MD, that serves about 750 men each year. With your membership, HBCAC is now providing additional educational and professional resources to hundreds of homeless men in Montgomery County.

The computer lab at HBCAC

HBCAC belongs to the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (MCCH), an organization that reaches more than 1,600 men, women, and children annually through its three emergency shelters. HBCAC is the only men’s shelter in the county that operates year-round, and it already provides meals, bathrooms, showers, mental and physical health care, and employment assistance to its clients. With the free educational and professional help in Resource Center, these individuals will now be able to learn new skills, further their careers, or jump-start new careers.

Resource Center on the MCCH website

To the Cross Create Club members, thank you for giving up some of your own resources to help some of the men who need help in Montgomery County! The Director of Development and Communications for MCCH contacted us to tell us that the men at HBCAC are already taking advantage of Resource Center. We hope you feel the significance of the impact you are making.

A work station in the computer lab

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At Cross Create, we create social projects that tackle important problems people face around the world. You can join one of our social projects (like Resource Center) to watch your $10/month make an impact each month.